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About us...

Ruby Vehicle Services Ltd is a family concern born out of the combined experience and expertise of the Gallimore family.

Our Vision.


  • To provide a flexible, comprehensive range of services to the local transport industry large and small. When you call Ruby Vehicle Services you will be talking to someone who understands the pressures of keeping things moving and is efficient, enthusiastic and professional.                     

  • To provide a clear and transparent pricing structure for standard services, accurate quotes for more complicated one off jobs and to stay closely in touch regarding additional costs during extended projects. So you are always in control and never surprised by a hefty bill.

Company Profile.


Born out of the desire to work closer to home Ruby Vehicle services Ltd. (RVS), was registered on 4th September 2018. Although plans had been afoot for much longer. Taking the practical skills and experience accrued over a 25 year career in the transport industry, the drive and support of a bossy wife Deb Gallimore and the energy and enthusiasm of the younger members of the family, the scene was set.

Having run a successful HGV garage business for almost 15 years Andrew Gallimore is aware of the ups and downs of the transport industry and the demands on vehicles, and operators both physical and environmental. This knowledge allows RVS to forge great working relationships with customers.

Diesel and petrol runs through the veins of the entire family and outside of work Motorcycle and Car drag racing, renovations, modifications and restorations have always been underway. Adding another dimension of experience and skills at the fingertips of RVS.

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